meet the students

The official NACC podcast.
Interviews with staff members and Native students.

What are podcasts?

Podcasts are audio recordings that you can listen to through your computer or any mp3 player such as an ipod. The Native American Cultural Center office has developed a number of podcasts to provide information to listeners about the office, Native students, and the staff. Podcasts are similar to music files, and can be sent over the Internet. You can download podcasts onto any digital audio player (like an iPod, hence the name) and enjoy then anywhere for free. Podcasting is a generic term and iPods are not required; any digital audio player or mp3 player will work.

Why does NACC have a podcast?

Podcasts are an easy and convenient medium used for entertainment and education. Students can access interesting and useful information about the Native American Cultural Center office, and listen to it anywhere. In addition to interviews with staff members and Native students, a variety of podcasts featuring Native drum groups are also available.